Sikiu Perez

Artist Statement

The Ancient Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian Art is the substance of my style and I give it a whimsical twist. The female figure takes the center stage in my compositions accompanied with birds and symbols of ancient writing. My sculptures characteristically use a vocabulary of assembled flat panels with appended simple forms created with terracotta, generally as high relief mosaics strategically assembled.


Sikiu was born and raised in Barquisimeto; cradle of the arts and crafts industry of her native Venezuela. She grew up in a region full of arid landscapes and natural clay deposits, where she frequently extracted the best terracotta to build her sculptures. At the age of three, she enrolled for classes at the local fine art school, “Martin Tovar y Tovar” where her father worked as a ceramic teacher. Once ready for adult classes the school gave her the opportunity to explore a broad variety of mediums and learn from master instructors.

While in Venezuela, Sikiu’s family encouraged her to pursue a diploma; she did not have the desire to be an Art Teacher, therefore she acquired an Advertising and Marketing degree that certainly gave her connections in the Art Market. She successfully commissioned works for architects, Interior Designers and private collectors. Her name can be found in innumerable locations: restaurants, resorts, businesses and homes. Her last work in Venezuela was a fifty two feet monument located at the Resort Islas del Sol in Chichiriviche and few cement murals on the area.

In early 2001 she moved to The United States calling home to Bozrah, Connecticut, where she built her ceramic studio and recently became an active member of the Connecticut Sculptor Society. She also collaborates in different online sources for Hispanic Artists. She thinks there is not sufficient specialized information in Spanish to help pursuing an art career; this is a good time to give back all that she has learned.