Sandee Spahr

Sandra (Sandee) Spahr resides in Guilford, CT and works primarily from her own studio located in her residence.

Born in Pennsylvania, and graduating from Kutztown University in1967 (where she received her degree in Art Education), Sandee relocated to Connecticut upon graduation to begin her teaching profession. She was employed in the Stratford school district for over thirty years where she taught Art, Crafts, Photography and Sculpture.

During her teaching career and beyond, she has studied stone sculpture with Sara Aldouby, wood sculpture with Toshio Odate, fiber sculpture at the Brookfield Craft Center as well as the University of Southern Connecticut, where she received her Masters and sixth-year degrees in Art.

Sandee has traveled extensively throughout the United States and studied primarily in Italy to satisfy her desire to expand her artistic endeavors and artistic fulfillment. While the majority of her work is shown in her private studio, she has recently participated in shows at the City Lights Gallery, the Lockwood Mansion (with SCS), and the Orange Library. Although she has created a considerable number of works in paint, fiber and wood, her recent concentration has been in stone, Apoxie© and bronze.