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Artist’s Statement: Human Form Sculpture

“Modeling from life, my sculptures and drawings tend toward the reflective and introspective. The fact that I am a figurative sculptor, working in traditional materials and methods, reflects an appreciation of old ways, solid and tested, while the works themselves often express feelings we share living in a time like no other. We are confronted by more knowledge and more life choices than were any other people in human history. I try to capture a sense of the complex burden we carry and of that vulnerable, private world in which we can begin to rediscover a sense of dignity and respect for life.”


Lea Ann Cogswell is a native Texan who has been living and working in Connecticut since 1982. She studied sculpture with Charles Umlauf for three years at the University of Texas and graduated with BFA in 1978. She furthered her training in sculpture studios and foundries, working primarily in water based clays. Her works are strong and solid but the surfaces are kept loose, gestural and alive.

Cogswell has shown her works in New England and New York in over 75 exhibitions and collections, having received numerous national and regional awards. Cogswell’s works are available as one of a kind and limited editions.


1974 -78 -University of Texas College of Fine Arts, Austin Texas. BFA 1978. Extensive course work in Life Drawing and Sculpture with sculptor, Charles Umlauf Painting and Intaglio.

1979 -University of Texas College of Fine Arts. Continued studies in Sculpture, Life Drawing, Painting and Intaglio.

1987 -University of Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT, Figure Sculpture with Lloyd Glasson.

1993 -University of Hartford Art School. Figure Sculpture with Anthony Antonius.


1977 –78 Kasson ‘s Castings, Austin, Texas. Bronze foundry. Mold-making and wax retouching in preparation for casting.

1978 –79 Renaissance Glass Co., Austin, Texas. Depth-carved sandblasted glass for autonomous panels, architectural installations, and 3-dimensional objects. Designed and fabricated stained and etched glass.

1979 Studio Domenico, San Antonio, Texas. Sculpted a life-size group, bas-reliefs, and alter pieces.

1981 –87 Masterpiece Museum Miniatures, Austin, Texas. Sculpted lifelike miniature figures for dollhouses and miniature vignettes.

1982 –85 DiTarando&Co., East Hartford, CT, Sculpture Apprenticeship with extensive work in mold-making, metal forming, and preparation for bronze casting.

1985 –1987 Glass Magician, Murrells Inlet, S. C. Designed etched glass for residences, restaurants and businesses.

1985 –present Glass Castle, Inc., Somers, CT, Design stained and etched glass for residences, restaurants, businesses, and churches. Designed logo and a series of patterns for glass fusing for Dragon Publications, a division of the Glass Castle.

1989 –1991 Studio at the Farmington Valley Art Center, Avon, CT Began teaching sculpture classes at the art center.

1989 –present Commissioned and personal works of sculpture, depth-carved glass, stained glass, and porcelain.

1997 –present Sculpting children for a series of porcelain Portrait Dolls.