Irean Oakley

aka, Irean Oakley Schreiber

Born 1949 Springfield Massachusetts, USA, Ms. Oakley resides, with her husband, year round, on the beautiful Island of Nantucket, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, MA. She works in her studio on the island and has spent a substantial amount of time over the past thirteen years sculpting in Pietrasanta, Italy. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hartford in 1991.

The artist is a figurative sculptor, who has studied with many important sculptors of international renown. She works in marble, bronze and terra cotta and is especially known for her beautifully sculpted faces.

She recently completed six historic architectural sculptures commissioned by the Nantucket Historical Association’s Whaling Museum.

Other publics works include works at the Neonatal Center of the University of Connecticut Medical School, the Nantucket Whaling Museum and a portrait relief of Ella Grasso, former Governor of the State of Connecticut.

Her work is represented in private collections in the United States and Europe. In the United States she was formerly represented by “the Pawlowski Gallery of Fine Arts”and “The Gallery at Four India Street.” She is presently represented by ‘The Brigham Galleries’ Nantucket, MA. Ms Oakley is one of the founding members of the Society of Connecticut Sculptors and served as president of the organization for five years, working to promote representational sculpture. She has since served on the board of directors and as advisor for the S.C.S. She is a member of National Sculpture Society, the S.C.S. and the Artists Association of Nantucket. In addition Ms. Oakley has received high acclaim for her innovatively”designed free form “Peace Crane”and “Wishing Tree”trees in the popular “Festival of Trees”and their winter and spring exhibit at the Whaling Museum.

Artist’s Statement:

“I feel very passionate about my work and particularly love sculpture because it is so tactile and because at every view point, every degree, 360 degrees, it takes a different form –thus, a different sculpture at every angle. It is a challenge to meld all of those views together into one fluid, graceful and believable form.”


2007 October Independent work Antognazzi Studio, Pietrasanta, Italy Marble carving

2007 May and June Independent work

2006 September Antognazzi Studio, Pietrasanta, Italy

2005-2004 Center for American Sculpture April sessions


1991 BFA University of Hartford, summa cum laude

1994 Lyme Academy, Lyme, Ct., post graduate work

1993 Lyme Academy, Lyme, Ct, post graduate work

Studied with the following master sculptors:

2006 Stanley Bleifeld “relief,”Center for American Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens, SC

2005 Stanley Bleifeld “relief”

2004 Stanley Bleifeld “composition”

2001 Cristina Mikulasek“portrait”& “ecorche”Pietrasanta, Italy

1998 Independent studio work “marble”Pietrasanta, Italy

1996 Independent studio work “marble” Pietrasanta, Italy,

Giancarlo Biagi “marble pointing” NYC

1995 Jill Burke “marble carving” Pietrasanta, Italy,

Fred X. Brownstien “marble finishing” Rutland, Vt.

1994 Jill Burke ‘marble carving” Pietrasanta, Italy, Giancarlo Biagi,

Stanley Bleifeld “the portrait” Jupiter, Florida,

Gallery at Four India Street, Nantucket 1994-2005

1993 Dean Keller “anatomy & ecorche”Lyme Academy

1992 Don Gale “mold making”

Dean Keller “anatomy of the figure”

1991 Thomas Bradley “bronze casting”H.A.S. Marcel Jovine“the medal”Closter, NJ, AMSA summer workshop series University of Hartford H.A.S., Leonda Fink “direct plaster,” Elizabeth Jones ”the medal,” Amanulah Hazarazad ”base relief,” Eugene Daub “direct wax”

1990 Frank Gallo “paper casing”

1989 Bruno Lucchesi “figure relief & composition”H.A.S., Jack Beal “composition”

1988-1991 Lloyd Glasson “figure sculpture”H.A.S.

1968 Carl Owen E.L.H.S.

The instruction and inspiration that I received from each and every one of these incredibly talented artists have allowed me to sharpen my skills and find my own creativity –especially, Lloyd Glasson and Carl Owen, my first mentors.