Harold Wright

Artist Statement

“Art has always been of interest to me. Over the years I have visited many museums around the. world and spent time particularly viewing sculpture, wondering, ‘how do they do that?’

My way of-answering that question in the spring of 1999 was simply to start sculpting. Fortunately, I was able to join a group of sculptors who were willing to have me. Although I have no formal training, just being with this group gave me a chance to see how to begin. I also started a serious reading program about sculpture which has helped me to learn some of the basics.

Woodcarving is done in my barn in the winter and outside during the summer. The barn is unheated, so I have to leave the door open to let the sun heat it. It is really quite pleasant when the temperature is above freezing.

As a Sculptor, I see beauty all around me and hope that I can create sculpture that makes this world a little bit better place to live in.”