Gerald Freedman, MD, Mph


(203) 481-0473

Artist Statement:

“Sculpture of the human body is a natural expression of my medical career. Educated as a physician specializing in Radiology, my eye has been trained to see the body and the underlying anatomical structures. My childhood interest in art has been nurtured by books, museums and travel. My sculpture is influenced by hands-on training with Bruno Luchessi and local teachers at Creative Arts Workshop, Lyme Academy and the Cavalier Foundry.

My work is initiated in clay (water or oil based). Some terracotta pieces are fired; other work is preserved in plaster molds and reproduced in plaster, clay, or resin. Favorite pieces are refined in wax and finished in bronze. Recent retirement from Yale allows me more time to return to my early passion and to display my work in local art shows.

I work at my home studio, CAW or Lyme Academy and the Varga studio in Delray.. Now winters in Boca Florida”